Website Upgrade: Improved Projects & Donation Experience

Website Upgrade: Improved Projects & Donation Experience

January 19, 2024


As you may have noticed, the Australian Sports Foundation website is looking a little different. After months of hard work, the site has not only undergone a major facelift, but we’ve simplified navigation, upgraded the donation form, and implemented some other exciting changes.  

For the ASF team, some of the biggest and most exciting updates are behind the scenes. With our revamped website, we’ve got greater control over essential elements like menus, page layouts, and content placement, allowing us to provide an exceptional user experience for our fundraisers and donors.  

What's changed?

To put it simply, a lot, but some of the bigger changes that you may notice include:

ASF's Homepage

One of the most noticeable changes is our homepage. It’s now cleaner and much easier to navigate. Additionally, there are very clear calls to “Start Fundraising” and “Donate” when you open the page, which will help potential donors find projects and may lead to an increase of funds being directed to your cause.  

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Before the update:

Our new look:

Explore Projects

Our Home Page isn’t the only way we’ve made Projects more accessible. The ‘search’ function in our sitewide menu now specifically searches for projects, making your campaign even easier to find. Improvements to the backend of the website also mean that projects are likely to be found on Google faster, so when donors enter yours or your club’s name, your fundraiser could appear near the top of the results.  

The Explore Projects page has also had a major freshen up, with a cleaner appearance, easier to use filters and an upgraded on-page search feature.


Donation Experience

Approximately 75% of donations through ASF are made using a mobile, so it was one of our biggest priorities to optimise this experience and simplify the process. To help with this, we’ve moved the ‘Donate’ button to the top of project pages when they’re being viewed on mobile devices, directing donors straight to where they need to go when they visit your fundraiser.  

The donation form has also had a complete makeover, making it a seamless process no matter what device or payment method is being used. While the old one-page donate form was a major improvement in its time, the long form wasn’t optimised for a modern mobile experience. Now, when a user clicks the ‘Donate’ button, they’re shown a multi-step pop-up form that’s embedded directly on the project page, meaning they only have one URL to share! As an added fun feature, when someone donates to your project, they’ll get a virtual blast of confetti to add to that feel-good moment. 


Our resources are there to enhance your fundraising experience and make use of the platform easier, but in the past, they’ve been difficult for us to organise, and for users to filter and find. With the updates, you’ll now find all resources consolidated in one easily accessible location. We’ve also significantly improved the search function, content filters, and categories, ensuring you can quickly locate your blogs, guides, case studies, and more, exactly when you need them.  

Keep an eye on our Resources in the coming months as our team takes advantage of the new CMS and lists even more new or updated content.  

Project URLs

All projects, regardless of their type, now follow a uniform URL structure which will appear in this format:

This means your project URL has likely changed, but don't worry! We’ve redirected all old URLs to their new version, so if you’ve previously shared the link online or currently use QR codes, donors will still be directed to your fundraising project and, most importantly, make contributions.   

We’ve also made some other changes to URLs which you can find out more about in our latest blog

Fundraiser FAQs

Is there anything I need to do?

No, but we suggest you review the new look of your project page and take the opportunity to update your campaign story and images. 

How do I share my project with the donation modal already open?

Simple! Just add ?modalOpen=true to the end of your new project URL.